A broad range of organisations and individuals representing the Sheffield area’s very diverse heritage sector have come together to explore ways to develop a better resourced, better connected and better communicated heritage offer for a wide range of audiences.

Key partners include: Sheffield Civic Trust, Sheffield Cathedral, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Manor Lodge, The Workers’ Educational Association, Time Walk Project, Heeley City Farm, Sheaf Valley Heritage, South Yorkshire Through Time, ArcHeritage, Portland Works, Ignite Imaginations and many others.

This Joined up Heritage Sheffield group has been meeting since autumn 2014, and has developed a work plan for delivering key priorities that include contributing to Year of Making Sheffield 2016.

Membership is open to anyone who subscribes to the group’s aims and is ready to make a positive contribution to the group’s activities, including attending meetings and on occasions and as appropriate undertaking additional work as necessary for achieving the group’s aims.

Membership is voluntary and free.


To work together to develop a better resourced, better connected and better communicated Sheffield area heritage offer for a wide range of audiences, specifically to develop resources and deliver activities that have the potential to:

  1. Increase local, regional and national awareness of the Sheffield area’s heritage stories, sites and assets, bringing people to the city and making a positive contribution to the visitor economy.
  2. Grow new audiences which reflect the diversity of the Sheffield area.
  3. Encourage volunteering.
  4. Bring together the city’s diverse heritage partners in a more co-ordinated and strategic fashion.
  5. Help engage schools with Sheffield area’s heritage education offer.
  6. Explore and develop strategic links and initiatives between history, heritage, city economy, communities, health and well-being.
  7. Offer opportunities for effective networking between individuals, local community heritage groups and other relevant organisations and initiatives.


To achieve these aims, Joined up Heritage Sheffield will:

  1. Meet bi-monthly to review and develop plans and activities that help further the group’s aims.
  2. Organise working groups to develop particular work strands, including fundraising, that help further the group’s aims and activities.
  3. Make appropriate, fair and transparent arrangements for managing funding and other resources for activities that deliver the group’s aims.

Principles and Values

Joined up Heritage Sheffield members agree to give their time on a voluntary / unpaid basis for Joined up Heritage activity.

Participation in Joined up Heritage Sheffield is based on principles of: Trust; Honesty; Communication; Respect; Equality.

Joined up Heritage Sheffield will always seek to work in accordance with recognised professional Community Development values, practices and standards.

Members respect the views, perspectives, intentions, abilities and contributions of other members of the group and seek to make a positive contribution to the group’s aims and ethos as best they can.

Members are respectfully requested to respond to reasonable communication requests associated with furthering the group’s aims and activities.