There are open meetings for JUHS supporters every 2 months (the ‘JUHS Bi-monthly’) to review and develop plans and activities that further the group’s aims; to organise working groups to develop particular work strands, including fundraising; and to exchange news and views from supporting organisations and people. Day to day management is handled by a core group comprising the trustees of the charity and a small number of advisers. The group meets monthly. The trustees of the charity are formally responsible for policy matters and usually discuss these in the core group; where needed, issues may be taken to the bi-monthly meetings.

Sheffield Heritage Forum meets twice a year on a Saturday morning, in venues around the city. These forums are open to supporters of JUHS and members of the public, and provide an opportunity to hear speakers, share news, and network with heritage people from around the city.

There is a regular e-newsletter for registered supporters.

JUHS is active on Sheffield’s heritage scene. We have developed working links with the City Council, especially the Council’s Heritage champion (currently Cllr Janet Ridler). We discuss specific major issues with senior councillors and officers. We are also developing links with other relevant organisations in the city.

We keep an eye on local developments that affect, or might affect, heritage, including planning applications. We don’t comment on applications about individual buildings – that’s for the many community groups with specific interests – but we do engage with the City Council on strategic developments, for example their plans for Heart of the City II.

JUHS’ major project at present is the development of a Heritage Strategy for the city as a whole. In addition, JUHS is working with other organisations and individuals to create a People’s Heritage List of sites, buildings etc which do not have statutory designation as of particular interest but which Sheffielders believe need recognition.

Joined Up Heritage Sheffield Conference
Sheffield Amphitheatre, Sheaf Valley Park