Joined up Heritage Sheffield conducts its business through bi-monthly group meetings and through the activities of specific working groups as required.


Chair / Vice-chair: ensure meetings are well-run, deliver the meeting’s intended outcomes and make good use of attendees’ time. Oversee general direction of the group’s plans and activities.
Secretary: co-ordinate meetings, venues, communication, minutes/meeting notes and actions.
Treasurer: ensure all financial and resourcing matters are managed appropriately, fairly and transparently.

Other roles as agreed by Joined up Heritage Sheffield members.

Frequency of Meetings

Group meetings are bi-monthly. Specific working group meetings are as required and as agreed by that working group.

Group Meeting Agenda

The standard group meeting agenda includes:

  • Progress updates (including reports from working groups as necessary)
  • News and feedback from group members and associated networks
  • Confirmation of actions agreed


When necessary, substantive issues are decided on by majority vote (show-of-hands) of those in attendance at the bi-monthly group meeting.

Finance/Resourcing Arrangements

The Joined up Heritage Sheffield group actively fundraises to support its activities. The group does not have its own bank account (as of March 2016). When the group is in a position for managing funding and or other resources, the arrangements for this will be agreed at the bi-monthly group meeting and will be organised so as to ensure best value for money, fairness and transparency.

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