Joined Up Heritage Sheffield is a charitable incorporated organisation, registered with the Charity Commission in December 2018. Its registered number is 1180945.

Its charitable objects, as agreed with the Charity Commission, are:

To promote the conservation, protection and preservation of heritage within Sheffield and the surrounding areas for the benefit of the public, in particular but not exclusively by:

  • Educating the public about the subject of heritage, and in particular the heritage of Sheffield and the surrounding areas;
  • Undertaking activities directed to preserving heritage;
  • Providing information, advice and training to promote best practice in and between the range of groups and organisations in Sheffield and the surrounding areas whose objects and activities concern heritage, including by means such as organising workshops, meetings and conferences;
  • Liaising with the public and private sectors and acting as a representative of the voluntary heritage sector in Sheffield and the surrounding areas in relation to public policy and decisions;
  • Promoting volunteering in the conservation, protection, preservation and appreciation of heritage in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

For the purpose of this clause ‘heritage’ consists of those things forming part of our history and traditions which are passed down through successive generations, including (without limitation) buildings, structures, landscapes and other physical remains of past human activity, crafts and craftsmanship, performance and cultural activities.

The charity is managed by a board of trustees, currently comprising:

  • Jon Bradley, chair;
  • Brian Barrett, treasurer;
  • Valerie Bayliss;
  • Robin Hughes;
  • Sally Rodgers.

Joined Up Heritage Sheffield
Charity Number: 1180945
Registered Office: 12 Greenhill Road, Sheffield S8 0BA

Fitzalan Square, Sheffield, early 20th century
Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield
Conservation work in the Rivelin Valley, Sheffield