Joined Up Heritage Sheffield (JUHS) is a charitable organisation supported by a large, diverse group of individuals and organisations united by a desire to champion the city’s rich heritage. We share a wish to empower everyone in Sheffield to take an interest in the city’s diverse and fascinating heritage, understand their city’s past, and shape their desire and ability to influence the future development of this important local resource.

We are a community organisation developing strong roots in the city. We do not seek to replicate or substitute for existing organisations but to provide a forum through which they, and individuals with a love and concern for heritage, can explore issues of common concern. Read more about our activities here.

Our aim is to work together to develop a better resourced, better connected and better communicated understanding of heritage, relevant to a wide range of audiences. So our main priority to date has been to create a Heritage Strategy for Sheffield.

Over time, we plan to work with partners in the city to develop resources and deliver activities that:

  • Increase awareness of Sheffield’s heritage stories, sites and assets, so as to bring people to the city and make a positive contribution to the visitor economy
  • Create strategic links and initiatives between history, heritage, city economy, communities, health and well-being
  • Grow new audiences which reflect the diversity of the Sheffield area

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Our Origins

Joined Up Heritage Sheffield began as an informal voluntary body and became a charitable incorporated organisation in 2018. It grew out of discussions in 2015 to plan Sheffield’s Year of Making 2016, when a number of groups involved in the planning realised there was no collective voice for heritage in the city. There is no question the interest is there; the city’s first ever Heritage Conference, run by JUHS in April 2016, was quickly sold out. It raised the profile of heritage issues in Sheffield and gave a major boost to the development of JUHS as an organisation.

Joined Up Heritage Sheffield now embraces a broad range of organisations and individuals representing the Sheffield area’s very diverse heritage sector who have come together to explore ways to develop a better resourced, better connected and better communicated heritage offer for a wide range of audiences.