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Established in 1999, Archaeological Research Services Ltd is a highly experienced commercial practice providing a full range of archaeological and historic buildings services. ARS Ltd operates throughout the UK from its network of offices and also welcomes the opportunity to work abroad. Whether you are extending your house, converting a barn, establishing a quarry, building a housing estate, power station, road or other development we offer a one-stop shop for dealing with all archaeological and historic building matters. From preliminary advice and assessments to fieldwork, post-excavation analysis and dissemination, our approach is committed to providing successful outcomes by way of tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Education and Outreach

Education and outreach, the latter referring to public awareness and involvement, are a key element of archaeological work today. Investing in such initiatives can provide huge value-added benefits to any project, whether research-based or commercial. As a leading provider of archaeological education and outreach services, ARS Ltd is committed to providing communities with access to their own past. Archaeology as a subject is ideally placed to assist teaching and learning in a wide range of subject areas ranging from history, geography and science through to drama, English and citizenship. Fieldwork also provides many opportunities for teaching mixed-ability groups, fostering teamwork, initiative-building and leadership.

At ARS Ltd we are more than archaeologists, we are also experienced business people. As a successful company we pride ourselves on our professional service, our record of delivery and the trusting relationships we build and maintain with our clients.

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