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We are a friendly group of mostly Bengali women of all ages and social backgrounds. We originate from Bangladesh and India. We have in common our sense of being sisters who take pride in the artistic and cultural wealth of our Bengali heritage. Husbands, brothers and sons are welcome to support us as ‘Friends of BWSG’.

We support each other through discussing problems and sharing experiences and aspirations. We have an interest in health and wellbeing. We organise activities and occasional trips for social and educational purposes. Sometimes we hold exhibitions, and organise demonstrations and workshops. We like celebrating cultural and festive events like International Women’s Day, Bengali New Year and World Mother Language Day. We have made a wall hanging, banners, a poster and greeting cards. Our occasional newsletter Shongoton is edited by Debjani, who welcomes members’ contributions.

We have a good working relationship with Sahitya Press, run by Debjani Chatterjee. Among its bilingual books are a few (for children and adults) that were produced with our members. In 1990 Barbed Lines won the Arts Council’s first Raymond Williams Community Publishing Prize. In 1994 a second anthology Sweet & Sour helped us to win a National Adult Learners’ Group Award. In co-operation with Sahitya Press, we organise occasional bi-lingual readings, workshops and storytelling. Other activities include picnics, singing and visual art.

We are a non-party political and multi-faith group, respecting all religions as well as individual members, young and old. We are members of the BME Network. Our members are housewives, students, community and health service workers, businesswomen, teachers, clerical workers, etc. We want South Yorkshire’s Bengali community to develop and thrive, educationally, economically, politically and in every other way. We are committed as Bengali women to support each other in the solidarity of a common sisterhood, transcending all other differences.

If you are a Bangladeshi, Indian or other South Asian, interested in Bengali culture, and live, work or study in South Yorkshire, please join us. You will be most welcome. You will have fun, gain confidence and experience the satisfaction of helping our community to develop. We have no paid staff and appreciate your voluntary help.

£2 Membership, £1 for students (free for girls under 16 & ‘Friends of BWSG’).

We usually meet on the second Sunday of each month at Park Community Centre, behind Park Library, Duke Street, Sheffield S2 5QT