Friends of Boston Castle and Parklands

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Boston Castle


The Friends of Boston Castle and Parklands was formed in 2002 to support Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council in their bid for Heritage Lottery funding for the restoration of Boston Castle and regeneration of Boston Park.

The Friends group includes representatives from local communities and special interest groups.

Aims and objectives:

  • To work towards the restoration, management and maintenance of Boston Castle and Boston Park, as decided by the membership

  • To help improve facilities within Boston Park

  • To promote safe urban use of Boston Park and create an inviting environment

  • To act as a community advisory body for Boston Park, Boston Castle and the adjacent Moorgate Cemetery in liaison with Rotherham MBC

  • To raise the profile of Boston Park and Boston Castle within the local community and further afield through means of events and newsletters.

  • To help interpret the history of the site

Projects have included the restoration of Boston Castle HLF project and a successful bid for a Biffa Award for the Courtyard project, which was short listed for their cultural facility award.

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