Friends of Moorgate Cemetery

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Moorgate Cemetery, Rotherham


The Friends of Moorgate Cemetery, which forms part of the Friends of Boston Castle and Parklands, was formed in July 2002 to support Rotherham MBC in their bid for Heritage Lottery Funding. If the latest bid is successful it will hopefully provide funding for improvements to the cemetery and chapel.The group includes representatives from local communities and special interest groups.

Aims and Objectives

• To actively campaign for more security in the cemetery to ensure that it provides a safe environment where present and future generations can engage with their heritage.

• Garner the practical support of local people and involve them in the preservation of their local cemetery and history.

• Spread the word of Rotherham’s rich cultural heritage through the people buried in the cemetery.

• Ensure the preservation of the cemetery, improve access and facilitate interpretation of the cemetery through research, training, lectures, signposting and publications.

• Investigate the possibilities of using the cemetery and its buildings for cultural events, festivals and arts and musical practice space.

• Further the provision of training and work experience of young offenders and young people in the practical maintenance of the cemetery. 

It is envisaged that the cemetery will become a significant landmark of Rotherham and organised heritage walks and tours will actively increase access to green space, promote civic pride and involvement with the town’s heritage.

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