Barnsley War Memorials Project

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Barnsley, unlike some other towns and cities around the country, has no central Roll of Honour to remember the Fallen of World War One, and so this project was begun to provide a co-ordinating hub for the recording and preservation of the information on all of the War Memorials in the Barnsley area.

It is recognised that many of the memorials in our area have already been recorded and researched by dedicated volunteers. Some of this work has been deposited in paper form in Barnsley Archives, some has been published in book form. However until now there has been no one point of contact for all of this information.

It was agreed that, in recognition of the forthcoming Centenary of the First World War, the first part of the Project would concentrate on gathering information on the casualties of that war although information collected in the process concerning the Second World War and subsequent conflicts would be safely collated for the later stages of the Project.

We began in November 2013 with a list of 74 memorials taken from the Imperial War Museum’s War Memorial Archive and have been adding to it ever since. As of July 2014 we have over 300 war memorials on our list for the Barnsley MBC area.

We now plan to produce a Commemorative Book in co-operation with Barnsley Council, copies of a book of all the names of the WW1 Fallen with basic information for donation to schools and libraries and a fully searchable online database with detailed information about individual soldiers which can be used in tandem with the list of names.