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Livesey Street

I am a lecturer at Hillsborough College on Livesey Street working with students at Foundation Level some of whom have learning disabilities. Over the summer I have been trying to develop a project which includes smartening up Livesey Street and a small part of Wardsend cemetery and the access to it.

I decided on the name ‘The Livesey Street Project’ as so few people have heard of Wardsend, however I sincerely hope that raising awareness of this fascinating part of Sheffield’s heritage will be just one of the outcomes of this 3 part project.

This project is not just about the past. It is also about the present and the future:

• for the local community, in particular the young people,

• the businesses that are located here

• Sheffield and the wider community

It is also about:

• Social responsibility

• Pride

• Ownership

• Respect

• Sense of community