Walking the Rivelin. A pocket guide to the industrial heritage and natural history of the Rivelin Valley

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Rivelin Valley

"The River Rivelin rises on the eastern border of the Peak District National Park and flows north-eastwards to the outskirts of Sheffield at Malin Bridge. The three-mile stretch of the lower Rivelin valley had 20 watermills and 21 mill dams, possibly the greatest number over that distance in the country. From the 16th to 20th centuries these watermills supported industries ranging from cutlery grinding workshops and metal forges to paper mills and corn mills. Now largely wooded, paths beside the fast-flowing river provide access to see the varied wildlife and historical remains of the valley.

This book combines a trail guide with a wealth of information about the lower Rivelin valley. It is richly-illustrated with old photographs and maps showing what the valley was like in the past.” Price: £6.95 and is available from the following outlets