A Changing City – Then and Now

Well-known character, author, Sheffield Watcher and individual champion of Sheffield heritage, Ron Clayton will be taking us on virtual journey through time in this afternoon talk.

Hear all about the changing face of Sheffield from various views around the city, looking at locations that feature in The Sheffield Project: Photographs of a Changing City. From the canal basin to Castle Square, Ron will consider how much Sheffield has changed, how fast, and what the catalysts have been.

You’ll reflect on the nature of a city that’s a survivor, and perhaps understand the biggest village in England a little better, at a time when the pace of change accelerates while some aspects progress a little more steadily in the Sheffield that we love and cherish.

There will also be time to ask questions and discuss at the end of the talk.

This event will be taking place online. Please register via Eventbrite and you will be sent an email with joining details two days before the event.