Creating a 3D Model in Graves Park

Tuesday, 9th April 2024

10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Graves Park, Sheffield


Photogrammetry is a survey technique which allows us to create 3D models from the photographs that we take.

It is a technique widely used by archaeologists to record the standing structures and archaeology that is encountered, and provide a point in time record of the heritage.  This can be invaluable for measuring the condition of a monument.

As part of the Finding Lost Norton Park: digging deeper for all project we are using this technique to record the standing archaeology in the park.  This FAMILY-FRIENDLY event perfect for a bit of Easter Holiday tech-fun will teach you how to undertake a survey.

For the event on the 9th April, you will need to bring with you a camera or camera-phone.

As we will be in Graves Park, please wear sturdy shoes/boots and dress appropriately for the outdoors.  The event may take place away from well-established footpaths.  Please feel free to bring food and drink.

Graves Park Charles Ashmore Road Car Park
Charles Ashmore Road
S8 8GJ