From Sky to Sea: Artists and Water

Thursday, 24th November 2022 - Sunday, 12th March 2023

Millennium Galleries

Free, donations welcome

Sheffield is a city that owes its existence to water. Its rivers and streams provided the power that forged the ‘City of Steel’, but they also caused devastation through the Great Flood of 1864, the flood of 1951 and more recently in 2007.

In From Sky to Sea: Artists and Water, our exhibition at the Millennium Gallery, you can discover historic and modern-day photographs and paintings of Sheffield’s floods. These black and white pictures of the 1951 flood in the Brightside area of Sheffield below are on display and show how high the waters were.

The impact of the Great Flood of 1864 can be seen in the photograph of Limbrick (or Limerick) works near Hillsborough. The flood was caused when the Dale Dike Dam’s embankment failed and the image shows damaged works, wheels, buildings and uprooted trees.

In the exhibition you can also see Edmund John Niemann’s painting, River Don after the Flood (1865). From Sky to Sea is on at the Millennium Gallery until Sunday 12 March.

Millennium Gallery
Arundel Gate
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