HOW TO: Consider Environmental, Social, and Governance for Heritage Organisations and Projects

Sustainability Special

with Russell Cooke Solicitors and London Historic Buildings Trust

This 45-minute session (inc. 15-minutes for Q&A) is led by Carla Whalen and Pippa Garland, Partners at Russell Cooke LLP, and Helen Shellabear, Special Advisor to LHBT.

‘ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It’s a wide-ranging term, which covers the targets your organisation sets, and the actions it takes, to demonstrate your concern for wider societal impact. ESG includes everything from the environmental sustainability of your office to your equality, diversity and inclusion policies.

As the public demonstrates a greater awareness and concern about the environmental impact of organisations and their attitude towards social equality, charities may find that supporters, volunteers and donors are starting to look for ESG information when deciding what cause to support. ‘ Russell Cooke LLP

In this session, Carla and Pippa will give an introduction to:

  • The benefits, opportunities and challenges to ESG reporting
  • Aligning ESG policies with delivering charitable objectives
  • Links to further resources on ESG reporting and policy making

Helen will talk through:

  • Strategies and steps for developing an ESG policy for a heritage organisation and/or project
  • Insight into how LHBT has been developing its own policy, and why

This is one of our HOW TO specials on sustainability. In addition you can attend:

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