“King Coal” – The Fitzwilliams

Thursday, 19th January 2023

7:30 pm

Hillsborough Trinity Methodist Church

£3.00 per talk/free to members (membership fee £20 per year)


Entry fee £3.00 per talk/free to members (membership fee £20 per year). Talks commence at 7.30 pm. No need to pre book – all welcome.
19 January – “King Coal” – The Fitzwilliams, Steve Silverstone.
16 February – title to be confirmed, Malcom Nunn.
16 March – to be confirmed.
20 April – From Tea Pots to Tin Lids: Sheffield Steel Industry in the Great War, Andrew Rawson.
18 May – Rivlin Roman Diploma, Mike Dyson.
15 June – Paupers and Vagrants: The Sheffield Workhouse, Mary Garside.
20 July – title to be confirmed, Ron Clayton.
17 August – Wardsend Cemetery.
21 September – The Great Sheffield Flood, Steve Bell.
19 October – What’s in a Name, Steve Silverstone.
16 November, title to be confirmed, The Bustle Lady.
December – to be confirmed.

Hillsborough Trinity Methodist Church
Middlewood Road
S6 4HE