Lunchtime Talk: Decorating your Newly Built Victorian House to Impress Your Visitors

Discover all the stages in decorating a house in mid-Victorian times in this fascinating lunchtime talk. 

Having built your Victorian house in the suburbs, you will want to furnish it and decorate it in the best possible taste, in order to show it off to your friends and family. You’ll need to choose fashionable colours, impressive furniture, tasteful decorations and the latest gadgets, and this was all before Wayfair or Amazon. Learn all these aspects about making a good first impression on your guests and presenting your new house to wow! 

This talk follows on from October’s popular Lunchtime Talk: Building a House Before Wickes. Not to worry if you missed it, you don’t need to have attended it in order to enjoy this one. 


“The Bustle Lady” is a historian specialising in the mid to late Victorian era, covering a wide range of topics: social, economic, political, domestic, agricultural and technological. As well as bringing the history of this time to life, she aims to draw parallels with our modern lives and show what we can learn from exploring Victorian history. She has 29 talks at the latest count but is constantly researching and devising new ones. 

Kelham Island Museum
Alma Street
S3 8RY