Sheffield Libraries Sundae Opening – Performance & Workshop

Wednesday, 20th April 2022

12:00 pm

Carpenter Room, Central Library


What people read shapes who they are. Come along to Sundae Opening and celebrate Sheffield’s reading heritage and your own. This special, free, hour-long event includes an amusing theatre piece by local writer, James Stone, about the fierce competition in the 1930s between local libraries. There was the public library, Booklovers’ Libraries run by Boots the Chemist and, popping up in tobacconists, newsagents and even ice-cream parlours all over town, ‘tuppenny’ libraries where you paid a few pence to borrow the latest thrillers, romances and westerns. Was reading being dumbed down or opened up?

Sundae Opening is presented by local history group Reading Sheffield.

Sheffield Central Library
Surrey Street
S1 1XZ