Why not volunteer to help record an early 19th century Sheffield graveyard?

Thursday, 29th June 2023

9:30 am

St George's Church, St George's Terrace, Sheffield

Free. Public transport costs can be reimbursed.

Hi there
I’m a first year PhD student in the Archaeology Department at the University of Sheffield, who is using both archaeological and historical sources to examine the relative success of the four Sheffield Commissioner Churches (St George’s, St Mary’s, St Philip’s and Christchurch Attercliffe) built after the Napoleonic Wars to tackle the establishment’s fear of urban godlessness, disorder and revolution.
Part of the research involves surveying and recording the gravemarkers in the remaining burial grounds, and it would be fantastic if I could get a small group of volunteers to come and help me – no experience is needed, as full training will be given.

The first survey will be of St George’s graveyard, St George’s Terrace (on the University campus, next door to the Diamond building, just behind West St) and will start on Thursday 29th June at 9.30. I anticipate that the whole survey will take around 4/5 days if I can get a small group together. Subsequent dates to complete the work will be agreed with volunteers when we meet on the 29th.
Bus/tram fares can be reimbursed.
I need to know how many people are coming for Health and Safety purposes, so if you’re interested, please let me know by email at ema08kf@sheffield.ac.uk, including if you have any additional needs I need to know about in order to keep you safe on site. I can also send you some information to read about the work beforehand.

The site is largely flat and is mostly not overgrown, but you will need to bring sensible shoes and the usual waterproofs! All other equipment needed will be provided.

Many thanks for your interest – and I hope to meet you soon!
Kate Faulkes

St George's Church
St George's Terrace
S1 4DP