Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge

Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge is a registered charity which is working to bring the historical site back into use as a visitor attraction. The group holds open days and other events.

Sheffield Manor Lodge is an important part of both English and European history. From 1573, Sheffield Manor Lodge became more than a family home-it became a royal prison for Mary, Queen of Scots who was kept in custody in the manner of a Queen. The Turret House completed in 1574 and now fully restored stands proudly alongside the ruins of the great house. In fact, the Turret House is the only roofed building of all Mary’s English places of confinement she would recognise if she were to return today.

Sheffield Manor Lodge has other interesting aspects of history relating to it. Part of the site became a pottery in the early 1700’s when John Fox produced high class ceramic ware. Its social history developed in the 1800s when a mining village came on the site and still some of the descendants of this period, reside in the local area. In the second world war an anti aircraft battery was positioned close by.

It is a fascinating site and the Friends are proud to be involved with Sheffield Manor Lodge with the aim of preserving this great Sheffield story for future generations to come.

Manor Lodge
197 Manor Ln
S2 1UJ