Friends of the Porter Valley

Our vision is to ensure the continued conservation, protection and restoration of the ecology, landscape and cultural heritage of the Porter and Mayfield Valleys, for the enjoyment of all, and the benefit of future generations.

The Geography and nature of the Valley

The Porter Brook rises on the moors above Sheffield and flows 10km easterly into the heart of the city. Its valley forms a natural green corridor leading to the open moors of the Peak District National Park and the terraced housing and congested roads around Hunters Bar.

In the course of its descent the Porter falls some 340 metres through a constantly changing landscape. It links the steeply incised and wooded valley of Porter Clough to a gentler, farmed landscape of green hillsides with traditional pasturage and stone buildings. It then passes through the archaeological remains of our early industrial heritage (weirs, millponds, millraces and dams) and on to more ancient and semi-natural woodlands.

It descends into the recreational and ornamental parklands at Bingham and Endcliffe that were created for social purposes in the 19th century. The stream then enters underground culverts alongside Ecclesall Road and flows eastwards past the General Cemetery into Sheffield City Centre to join the River Sheaf below beneath the railway station.