Ken Hawley Collection Trust

The Hawley Collection is an internationally important material record of tool making, cutlery manufacture and silversmithing from Sheffield, together with complementary material from Britain and the rest of the world. This collection is unique in that it combines finished artefacts and work in progress to illustrate how things were made. It was personally collected by the late Ken Hawley over fifty years and continues to be added to today. Ken saw the value in these old tools and the need to preserve them and their history for future generations.

The collection is run by volunteers and welcomes queries from visitors between Tuesday and Friday . It holds regular exhibitions which can  viewed anytime the Museum is open .Some particular highlights are the  Joseph Rodgers Year Knife with 2000 blades , the Royal Saw given to Queen Victorias daughter , the Little Mester Sculpture  , the largest collections of saws , micrometers , planes and table knives in the World

Kelham Island Museum
Alma Street
S3 8RY