Rivelin Valley Conservation Group

Working to promote the protection and management of Rivelin’s countryside and wildlife

Rivelin Valley and the RVCG

In the North West of Sheffield, the River Rivelin runs from the Hallam Moors in Derbyshire to Malin Bridge where it meets the River Loxley. It divides the communities of Stannington to the north, and Walkley, Crookes, Crosspool and Lodge Moor to the south. From around 1600, the Rivelin Valley was host to up to 20 watermills that helped Sheffield’s industrial revolution and its famous cutlery trade. The last mill stopped working in the mid 1950’s and the footpaths connecting the old mills have become a popular nature trail and tourist destination.

The Rivelin Valley Conservation Group

The RVCG was formed in 1991 to help maintain the footpaths and woodlands around Hagg Lane. It later expanded into other areas of the Rivelin Valley where it has helped to improve the nature trail, and maintain the woodland, millponds, goits and archaeological heritage. 

During autumn and winter there are Open Meetings with guest speakers where there will be an opportunity to meet others and to discuss Valley matters.

Membership currently includes over 200 households, of which around 80 volunteers are actively involved in the running of the group. The Task Team has over 30 volunteers and meets monthly on a Sunday. The annual Membership Fee is currently £3 per household.

RVCG is completely independent, has its own constitution and is managed by an annually-elected executive committee of ten, which meets monthly.

The group have recently created a guide to the area: ‘Walking the Rivelin. A pocket guide to the industrial heritage and natural history of the Rivelin Valley’.