Sheffield Home of Football

Sheffield Home of Football (SHOF)

SHOF became a charity in August 2022 with the following twin objectives.

‘A programme of education and awareness about the city’s footballing history, the creation of a Sheffield Footballing Heritage Museum and the collection of memorabilia, trophies, programmes, historical records and other items for digital and physical exhibition’

Sheffield is the crucible in which the modern game of football was forged, and the first rules were written in the city between 1858-1879 (including inter alia, the ‘throw-in’, the corner kick, the penalty, the crossbar, and the goalkeeper). We can claim to have the world’s oldest clubs still playing (Sheffield FC 1857), the world’s oldest football ground (Sandygate – Hallam FC 1860) along with 41 other ‘firsts’ which no other city can claim. We are dedicated to raising the awareness of this city’s unique history and celebrating its heritage and this is why we have created a charity with education as one of its’ twin objectives which has been agreed with the charity commission.

The work that we do

We are currently working on.

  • A monthly lecture series on the history of football, personalities, locations, clubs, families, and players.
  • A programme of football themed guided walks around the city led by trained volunteer walk leaders.
  • A series of heritage blue plaques to boost the city’s knowledge and understanding of the key locations and people which made the city famous and to complement our walking tours.
  • The scanning of the world famous ‘Alcock Football Annuals’ in partnership with SCC and SHU.
  • Writing a new ‘Children’s Illustrated History of Football in Sheffield’ for every school in the city.
  • Working to launch a new Sheffield Home of Football exhibition in the Town Hall, Sheffield.
  • Establishing a SHOF ‘Young Ambassadors’ Scheme with several schools and teachers.

Who benefits.

Highlighting the city’s unique history, recruiting and training volunteers and working in partnership with the City Council, the football clubs, schools and other organisations will help to put Sheffield on the world map. Adults and children in Sheffield will learn about Sheffield’s ‘hidden’ football history. Volunteers will be trained and acquire new skills. We will create a new heritage museum in Sheffield to celebrate our rich history and culture. People will take more pride in the city and it will boost tourism and increase visitor numbers.

The number of volunteers

We have 12 unpaid volunteer trustees and 26 volunteers who assist at events and who are willing to be trained as volunteer football walk leaders.

The number of paid staff

We have no paid staff. All are volunteers (inc. Chief Executive).

The names of Trustees and Committee Members

Cllr Denise Fox – Chair of trustees, City Councillor
Nick Partridge BEM – Chief Executive and former Head of Libraries & Archives SCC
John Clarke – Historian, Company Secretary & Treasurer
Andy Kershaw – Media Officer, former BBC Journalist
Dr John P Wilson – Historian and Sheffield University Lecturer
John Stocks- Historian & Author, former teacher
Steve Wood – Historian & Documentarian, former teacher
Jason Dickinson – Historian, Author and accountant
Barbara Walker- Events Co-ordinator
Lynsey Lockey – Sports Promoter, Businesswoman
Nick Robinson – Author and Website Designer
Jude Brady – Administrative Assistant