Sheffield Visual Arts Group

Our Purpose

Sheffield Visual Arts Group campaigns to promote and celebrate Sheffield’s outstanding visual arts.

The City of Sheffield owns an internationally recognised collection of 20th century paintings and works on paper, as well as many other treasures. We want to improve access to this heritage.

We also want to support and champion the huge diversity of contemporary visual artists working in Sheffield now, whatever their medium, be it painting, printmaking, street art or sculpture.

We want to develop, with others, a long-term strategy for the arts relevant to all the citizens of Sheffield, which will provide direction and underpin funding applications.

What We Do

We work to maintain links with Sheffield’s established cultural institutions, and the City Council, as well as networking with other grassroots groups. We’re also keen to establish new links with organisations which are interested in the arts.

We apply pressure where we can to encourage investment in the arts, and in particular investment in the new cultural hub for the arts we believe Sheffield deserves and needs.

We organise events which publicise, question and inform debate about the challenges facing the arts world.

We share our appreciation of all kinds of art through our meetings and regular postings on our website.

Join us! We meet once a month. For further details, please contact us.