A Heritage Strategy for Sheffield

Today we publish the Heritage Strategy for Sheffield on which Joined Up Heritage Sheffield and many supporting individuals and organisations have been working on. This is an important first for the city: its first heritage strategy; the first in the country to be developed by and rooted in the local community; the first, almost certainly, to take a broad and diverse definition of heritage that embraces, as you’d expect, historic buildings and the built environment but also places as well as buildings, collections and records, customs and traditions, memories, stories and languages.

Download the Heritage Strategy for Sheffield 2021-31

Crucially, there’s a ten-year Action Plan designed to lead the city to a position where it will understand and celebrate its heritage better; will champion its diverse heritage; will make better use of the economic potential of heritage; support its education value; and recognise its social, well-being and environmental benefits.

JUHS would like to thank all the people who supported the project and contributed to developing the strategy. And of course we’re just at the beginning of the next phase, when we make a start on implementing the Plan. We aim to keep working in a community-focused way and hope you will join us. Watch this space!

A Heritage Strategy for Sheffield 2021-2031