Draft Heritage Strategy for Sheffield Published

The Sheffield Strategy is of and for the whole of the city. JUHS published a draft Strategy early in 2020 and plan to launch it in the summer of 2020, following a period of public consultation. Read the draft strategy here. Comments are very welcome; please email them to sheffheritage20@gmail.com. The consultation period has been extended and now runs until 20 May.

Covid-19 Update

Work to complete the Heritage Strategy for Sheffield was paused, like so much else, because of the pandemic. We are now aiming to finalise it and publish before the end of this year. This means there is still time to comment on the draft, if you wish. Please email us at sheffheritage20@gmail.com.

In particular, we’re interested to know what implications you think the post-pandemic environment has for the Heritage Strategy and its Action Plan. Yes, there are huge uncertainties ahead; how could these affect attitudes to heritage? Are there, on the other hand, opportunities? Do let us have your views.