Future of University of Sheffield’s Department of Archaeology

University of Sheffield Archaeology Department

You may have picked up the great concern being expressed across Sheffield at the threat to the future of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. This is a department that flies high in national and international rankings – it is in the top 50 archaeology departments in the world. It is highly rated by its students. It contributes significantly to the life of the city of Sheffield, for example via its involvement in the recent castle site excavations and through outreach projects.

It is, or should be, unthinkable that the department disappears, in whole or in large part. Yet two of the three options for its future which will be considered by university management on 25 May – next week! – would lead to its demise. And there are questions to be asked about how university management has treated the department in recent years.

You can support the campaign to save archaeology at Sheffield by viewing the background material prepared by students, at Save Sheffield Archaeology

and by signing the petition at


The petition has attracted over 16,000 signatures in a day or so; an indication of the strength of feeling in the city and the university. Please consider adding your own, as quickly as you can.