Glowing praise for Heritage Strategy in the Sheffield Star and Telegraph

Stay Bright mural

The Star and Telegraph have both featured the recently-published JUHS Heritage Strategy in a two-page spread, continuing the steadfast support we have enjoyed from the papers and their editor, Nancy Fielder.

In her editorial, she says “We have struggled to protect our heritage in Sheffield over the decades.” She goes on to praise “absolute heroes, without whom we would have lost even more”, and of JUHS she says “The strategy they have recently launched is another big boost and one that should make a positive difference. There can’t be a person in this city who doesn’t wish them well.”

Fondly recalling school trips to heritage sites, she says “Let’s cherish the stories that made our neighbourhoods and come together to make the city’s story told more widely. It has never been about pitting the past against the future. It must always be about making best use of what we have and what we are renowned for to help carve a city that looks good, tells its story proudly and reflects everything that Sheffield was, is and could be in years to come.”

You can see The Star article here.