Call for action – Local Heritage Listing opportunity for South Yorkshire

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is inviting bids from county-wide groups of local authorities for up to £70,000 to develop a Local Heritage List. Buildings, sites and structures of national importance have statutory protection, but those of local importance are vulnerable to demolition at two weeks’ notice. A Local Heritage List has to be considered in planning decisions, and local authorities have options to enhance this protection.

JUHS has asked for a bid to be made, and we understand that one is being considered for South Yorkshire, but they will need to act quickly: the deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 13th November.

In 2011, Sheffield prepared a list of 79 buildings, but it has no formal recognition. Barnsley’s Local Plan includes a Local Heritage List, but it only has 15 entries. Doncaster and Rotherham have no lists. Some local authorities have active lists of 1,200 or more.

This is a golden opportunity to bring South Yorkshire up to date in cherishing the places most valued by local people. A bid is far more likely to succeed if there are local groups ready to lend practical support if money is awarded.

If this is an initiative that your group would support please let us know at No specific commitment needs to be made at this stage – the purpose is to demonstrate the level of community interest.

Groups and individuals can help by asking your local councillors to press for a bid, but they need to do so urgently to meet the 13th November deadline.

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Glossop Road Baths

Glossop Road Baths