Sheffield-built church organ seeks new home. Can you help save it from landfill?

A Cleethorpes Baptist church needs a new home for their Brindley & Foster organ, built in the 19th century at their Columbia Place works on Suffolk Road. They would love the organ to return to Sheffield and be enjoyed here in its original home as they modernise their church. The only alternative is scrappage, and they fear that it could end up in landfill.

The organ is in playable condition, and they would be happy to donate it (with staging if required). Click here for more information and pictures.

Unfortunately time is of the essence as they need to make a start on their rebuilding programme which means the organ and staging have be removed within a matter of weeks.

If you can help, would like additional information or want to view or discuss, please phone Denis Doyle, trustee of Kings Baptist Church, on 07958 206561.

The address of the church is Kings Baptist Church, Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes DN35 8LG.