Sheffield launches the framework for its first-ever Heritage Strategy

A two-day event in October will mark a big step forward in the creation of the city’s first Heritage Strategy. Joined Up Heritage Sheffield (JUHS), a group of community organisations representing a wide range of heritage interests, will launch its Vision for the future of Sheffield’s heritage, and the Framework for the Strategy, at the two events, on Friday13 October and Saturday 14 October at Sheffield Hallam University.

‘This is a huge step we’re taking’, said Jon Bradley, chair of JUHS. ‘Sheffield needs a heritage strategy to help guide its growing understanding of the value of heritage of all kinds; not just the built environment and history but cultural and environmental heritage’.

Since a sold-out opening conference in April last year JUHS has been working with many organisations, including through a series of themed workshops, to produce the framework. Says Jon, ‘Once our framework is published for all to see, we aim to work with the many organisations that have contributed it, to develop an action plan to put it into effect’.

JUHS sees the Framework as helping organisations prioritise actions and, for example, frame bids for grant support. ‘This is a unique initiative’ Jon added. ‘Many towns and cities have heritage strategies but they tend to have been created top-down, usually by the local council, and to have a narrow focus. Sheffield’s is the first to be rooted in the local community, which will have created it. The work has brought together many people who are passionate about Sheffield’s heritage and want to work together to spread understanding of its value. This will be an enormous strength’.

The events will formally launch the framework with input from keynote speakers and opportunities to discuss implementation and next steps.