Sheffield is noted for its great industrial past with steel manufacturing, engineering, mining and cutlery production, but what it is not known for is that it had one of the largest medieval deer parks in the country which was referred to as “Ye Great Parke.” It spanned a circumference of eight miles in total, walled and fenced. Although there were around 2,000 deer parks at the end of the 15th century their size would only have been in the range of around one to two miles. The Sheffield Deer Park would have been quadruple the size of an average large deer park of its time, containing at the park’s zenith approx 3,000 deer (mainly fallow) and some of the largest oak trees ever recorded in England.

The best way to enjoy this walk is seek the services of an experienced guide, namely the founder David Templeman email: Tel. no. 01246 415497. Guided walks can be booked directly with David at a cost of £5 per person (2023 price).

The more experienced and knowledgeable historical walker may wish to us the attached Deer park walk map with instructions for self led. It is highly recommended to start at entry point 5-6 creating a 5 mile walk, as the first parts are through highly industrialised and built up areas of Sheffield where the origins of the Deer Park are no longer visible. The map is kindly made available by permission of David Templeman.