Whilst most local people know of ‘Graves Park’ named after Sheffield philanthropist and benefactor Alderman J.G. Graves, few understand the origins of Sheffield’s largest public open space. Community-based research on history, heritage, archaeology and ecology has now unearthed a wealth of evidence for the unique timeline of this site which extends as a park to a royal warrant around 1250 AD. This gave rise to the ‘Old Park’ that is still visible – a functional, working deer park. It was the ‘Deer Park’ by the mid-1500s, subsequently a grand landscape park in the 1700s -1800s, and finally the municipal park of the 1920s/1930s. This presentation is from Joined Up Heritage Sheffield’s bi-monthly meeting on 25th January 2022.

* The slides aren’t working properly at the start, but stick with it because they’re firing on all cylinders after about 6 minutes