Impact of Storm Babet on Rivelin Valley October 2023

Back in October 2023, Storm Babet demonstrated the vulnerability of the irreplaceable industrial and landscape heritage of the Rivelin Valley. Over twice Sheffield’s average monthly rainfall fell in just 48 hours – the great majority of it in the first 24....

Castlegate Report

Well-researched and detailed report by Joy Bullivant describing the history of the buildings in the Castlegate area and the potential created by its heritage.

JUHS Conservation Area article

Article responding to the Council’s decision to cancel the consultation on the Castlegate Conservation Area and review all Conservation Areas, and its subsequent position that there would be no such review.

Essay: academic and community interviews on heritage

Tom Dabbs, a student on placement with JUHS, and his work placement partner Danielle arranged interviews with academics conducting local research or involved with community projects at the University of Sheffield History Department and with various community group...

JUHS What committees did for us

JUHS press article on the achievements of the Council’s committee system in the late 19th century and calling for this to inform the change to a committee system today.

Timewalk South Sheffield Woodland Walk

Press article by Chris Bullivant proposing a South Sheffield Woodland Walk. Broad aims are to connect heritage groups, liaise with schools to provide areas for local environmental and heritage walks, improve the profile of local woodlands, and encourage people to...

The Tragedy of Leahs Yard

Press article by Robin Hughes telling the story of the Stothard family who ran the Cambridge Street Horn Works, which today is known as Leah’s Yard.